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  • How much time will it take to mitigate\dry my property?
    Because the fact that every house/building is a differ from another, and the reason for water damage is also not something constant, time assessment can be determined by our water damage specialist for each case separately. There is no specific rule for drying time, but in general outline, it could be between three to seven days and more depending combination of factors.
  • Who and how will determine if my property is dry?
    Our water damage specialist will determine according to using special moisture meter if they achieve their drying goals.
  • What about all my wet content?
    All the small wet items will be stored in a plastic container, and nothing will be discarded without owner permission and signed on a customer release form. Regarding wet furniture, it depend if the furniture can be restored, how much water and which water damage category we have to determine if we can dry the furniture. Again if any furniture/content will need to be discarded, the owner will sign on a customer release form.
  • Who needs to monitor the equipment during the drying process?
    Our water damage specialist will monitor and document the whole process from the beginning until they will achieve their drying goals.
  • Who has the guarantee for paying the bill?
    First of all, the property owner will need to sign on work and payment authorization. If the owner has insurance on his property, our back-office specialist will help you to deal with the insurance as much as needed. However, if the homeowner will decide not to file a claim or your insurance company will not cover this claim, the responsibility for payment is ultimately on the owner.
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