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Fire Damage Restoration

Dealing with fire damage on your property is possibly one of the most severe losses. Quite often, fire damage (destruction and all over soot and smoke) is accompanied by water damage as a result of automatic sprinkler systems and/or water from hoses used to extinguish the fire. 

Our CalPro Restoration professional fire damage restoration deals with this very problem and includes overall cleaning in the wake of fire damage, soot damage, kitchen fire damage, sealing and tarp services, odor removal and other methods of fire restoration. Our professionals in CalPro Restoration will carry this out immediately in order to restore your property to the normal condition.  

There are a few standard steps in dealing with fire damage on your property:

Step 1 - Fire, Soot & Smoke Damage Assessment 

First of all, our professional fire and smoke damage restoration will carry out an extensive examination of your property in order to assess the damage. As part of the evaluation, it will determine precisely the most professional way to restore your home to normalcy as soon as possible.   


Step 2 - Water Damage 

In most of the cases in addition to the extent fire damage, there is also water damage at the fire scene (due to the firefighter's efforts or the automatic sprinkler system). Hence our professional's water damage restoration will take steps to dry the area and prevent further damage.   


Step 3 - Sealing and Boarding-Up Services

In some cases, fires result in substantial damage to the house such as broken windows, missing ceilings, unstable walls and more. Our professionals at CalPro Restoration will provide a comprehensive solution for these problems in order to prevent additional damage.  


Step 4 - Smoke, Soot and Odor Removal

Cleaning after fire smoke damage is a task for professionals! Our fire and smoke restoration professionals will provide you the cutting-edge methods for getting rid of the smoke, the heavy odor, and soot in the safest and fastest way. 

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