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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage in your property could be due to a variety of sources and in a range of sizes. The damage may affect only a small section in your house or extend to multi-levels in your property. Both cases are very frustrating for homeowners and may require the immediate response of water damage specialist. 

No matter what the source of the water damage is, including: 

  • leaking roof

  • burst or broken pipe

  • stormwater damage

  •  sump pump failure

  • clogged\broken toilet

An immediate and professional response is necessary. CalPro Restoration specialists will provide quick response 24/7 in order to prevent deterioration of the situation and the growth of hazardous mold. By using cutting-edge water restoration equipment, CalPro Restoration specialists will do their best to dry all the affected areas quickly, efficiently, and professionally with an emphasis on monitoring and documenting the drying process until completion.  

The water damage restoration process : 

Step 1 - identifying the source of the water damage:

The first step in dealing with water damage is to understand where the source of the moisture. Once the source is identified you should cut it off immediately to start the water mitigation process. Sometimes identifying the source is a difficult task requiring a specialist.

In order to facilitate rapid and professional water mitigation, our CalPro Restoration specialists will determine the scope of the damage and will decide on a drying method and work plan.

To determine the exact work plan, our CalPro restoration specialists will take into consideration the category level of the water:

Step 2 - Inspection:

Category 1 White Water

White water means that the source of the water is from a burst pipe, toilet tank ect., - a sanitary source

Category 2

Gray Water

Gray water means unclean water that includes contaminants such as water from the dishwasher or washing machine or water that go through one floor to another ext.

Category 3

Black Water

Black water involves unsanitary water like outside water, such as sewage, and other kinds of water containing heavy contaminants. This category could cause rapid growth of mold, contributing to illnesses.   

Step 3- Water Extraction

The water extraction process starts with eliminating all the water from your house with the assistance of special pumps\extractors and vacuums depending on the situation. As we mentioned before, the faster our water damage specialist starts to extract the water, the quicker we can reduce the level of damage.

After we rid all the standing water, we can start to dry the affected areas. By employing special air-movers and dehumidifiers, our CalPro Restoration specialist will create a particular setup for each and every space in order to dry it as quickly as possible. Thereafter, over succeeding days, our water damage specialist will determine, using a special moisture meter, the effectiveness of the process. The drying process can take several days to a couple of weeks, depending on each case.

Step 4 - Drying the Area

Step 5 - Synthesized and Cleaning

In order to prevent mold growth, all of the affected areas and contents will be given an antimicrobial treatment. In some cases, our water damage specialist will use odor removal and air scrubbers in order to get rid of unpleasant odors and poor quality air conditioning. 

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